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Cochran have been designing and manufacturing oil and gas burners for over 60 years!

In 2014 the Company was approached to collaborate on a new range of pressure jet burners. We agreed a criteria and specification, then set forth on a new venture and a new phase in burner design and manufacture at Cochran.

We have developed a mono bloc, gun type burner suitable from 0.5 to 6 tonnes of steam output. These burners are offered for gaseous, distillate and residual oil firing – all in dual fuel or dual oil combinations. Available in staged firing or fully modulating operation.

Maximum Choice

Cochran complimented the combustion systems with selected control packages; from the entry level sequence times, such as Siemens LAL, LFL range; through the Autoflame series of controllers and the Siemens LMV suite of controllers; up to ETC’s combustion control systems. The reasoning behind this extensive range of controllers is to give the customer the choice to select the control system that meets their specific needs. We all want safe, reliable, easy to maintain plants, but we also need to capture data to manage our energy costs to meet production and or heating needs.

Some sites still have full maintenance teams available, others employ specialist contractors to manage and operate their plant rooms. Whether the boiler plant is managed locally or remotely, the data required to manage costs and availability is still the same; whether for fuel or water consumption, boiler efficiency or emissions. What really matters is how we capture, record and report the data - that’s the difference.

Synergy Control

Cochran’s advanced touchscreen Synergy system provides a fully integrated Boilerhouse energy management solution.  In order to have cost effective steam raising plants, we need a combustion system that converts fuel energy to heat energy in an efficient manner. Low excess air levels and good burner turndown are key elements in achieving this. Again we offer the Customer the option of stepped combustion from low to high fire or fully modulating to meet variable steam loads. We offer turndown of 4:1 as standard throughout the range but greater turndown is available should this be a requirement. The burners are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN267 for oil firing and EN676 for gas firing.

All Cochran products fully CE approved and marked. All Cochran burners deliver benchmark low NOx emissions that are fully compliant with the EU’s stringent new MCPD legislation. The burners and control packages can be retrofitted onto existing plant to give your boiler a new lease of life, greater efficiency, better control and a reduction in emissions. As a result of the mono-bloc design, a number of novel features have been incorporated making operation and maintenance safer and easier:-

• All solenoids valves, pumps, pressure switches are mounted externally for ease of access.
• Pivot hinge casing for easy access to burner head.
• Die cast aluminium casings.
• Stainless steel blast tubes/air nozzles.
• All burners and panels are fully factory tested before dispatch.

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