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Cochran’s Best In Class Boiler

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After many years leading the market with trusted brands like the Wee Chieftain and Thermax, Cochran have once again combined innovation and expertise to introduce the next generation of boiler technology. Cochran’s new boiler will set the benchmark standards that others will have to strive hard to meet. This new era in boiler design and manufacture draws on more than 135 years at the forefront of boiler making worldwide – it’s a tradition we are proud of, and one we are now looking forward to building on still further.

What’s so new and novel about the new boiler?


Quality Control:

Built to EN12953.  Inspected by a third party inspector – Bureau Veritas.  Underwritten by Lloyds inspected 9001 quality procedures


When fitted with an integral economiser, the new boilers are up to 95% efficient net.  By incorporating an O2 trim package, a further 3% reduction in fuel use can achieved.  High efficiency electrical drive motors used throughout. When combined with VSDs by the Forced Draft Fan and Feed Water Pumps, these will cut electrical running costs by 65%. Boiler and casings are fully insulated – keeping valuable heat in.  100mm high density insulation on boiler shell to minimize radiation losses and reduce touch temperatures.  Use of the optional Air Pre-Heater can further boost efficiency.

Best in Class Boiler


All boilers comply with the stringent demands of the new MCPD legislation that comes into force in 2017.  Options for flue gas recirculation for further NOx reductions. Noise levels kept down to between 78 and 80 dB(A).


Boiler Operation:

Design life of 25 years.  All units have hatches to allow easy access for the 5 and 10 year NDT inspections. On all units the waterside can be entered for internal inspection. Full wet back design on all models. Dry steam at 99% dryness without steam separator. Low steam off-take velocity due to generous heating surfaces. Low furnace heat loads at under 1.2 MW/Nm3. A fully modulating feed water system is included on all units fitted with an integral economiser. Load bearing rear smoke box capable of supporting a 12 metre high chimney.


Boiler Control:

All boiler/burner combinations are digitally controlled using a common control panel. Multiple boilers can be linked and operated using Cochran’s advanced Synergy System.  The use of lead/lag and cascade systems can further optimise efficiency and availability.   

During extensive consultation with leading boiler specifiers across the globe, the Company established exactly what they wanted from their boiler plants.  The industries and sectors served were far and wide ranging:

  • Distillation
    Food Processing
    Chemical Works
    District Heating
    Paper production


    From this we listened to what their engineers and production staff expected and wanted from boiler plant:

  • Safe operation
    Efficient operation
    High levels of plant availability
    Low emissions
    Ease of operation
    Parts readily available
    Service back up

  • Working with our selected partners, such as, Siemens, Gestra, Ari and Grundfos.


    The Next Generation

    A high bar has been set for the next generation in steam boilers by Cochran, it remains to be seen whether competitors can measure up. Awareness of efficiency and harmful emissions has never been so great. Unplanned downtime puts great pressure on process and non-availability of steam can lead to significant losses in production.

    Some customers are looking for a rapid ‘pit stop’ annual servicing outage - that means that engineers and parts must all be available on demand, not to mention the quality training that’s essential to ensure operators deliver maximum efficiency from the plant. Cochran have all these bases covered - both in the UK and in our global markets. Cochran will be offering a new range of gas and liquid fuel steam boilers from 1 to 24 tonnes of steam output. Boilers will be available at pressures up to 25 Barg.


    What Cochran HAVEN’T Done:-

We haven’t incorporated bespoke rifle bore smoke tubes that require costly special order parts supplies.
We haven’t stuffed the smoke tubes full of retarders or turbulators.
We haven’t used non-commercial fuels to achieve unrealistic efficiency and emission figures.
We haven’t mixed design and build codes.
We haven’t selected impractical efficiency standards that simply do not reflect real life operation. 

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