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Drastically Reduce Your Fuel Bills by Using the Chemical De-Scale

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As well as the risk of scale build up causing damage to a boiler, it can also drastically increase fuel costs. Just 1.5 mm of scale could add more than 5% to the fuel bill - for a continuously operating 5 t/h boiler this is additional fuel bill of approximately £60,000 per annum!

Cochran service department strip down hundreds of boilers each year for their annual insurance survey and on many occasions find evidence of scale. If scale has built up, for whatever reason, it should be removed as a priority.

The problem became being able to get people to site quickly to carry out a de-scale whilst the boiler was off line. The solution for Cochran is to do it ourselves. We have recruited a specialist water treatment engineer, Mr John Leach and his technicians, who can respond immediately to the call from site when scale is found.

Cochran will provide the labour and chemicals (and arrange their safe disposal) so that the boiler can be de-scaled whilst the boiler is off-line, minimising disruption and maximising the life and efficiency of the boiler.

Depending on the condition of the boiler and the operating regime the payback on removing scale from the water-side of your boiler is a matter of weeks


If you are concerned about scale build up in your boiler contact John Leach at or call 07855472299

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