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BG04: Boiler Water Treatment Guidance

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As many of you will know, the CEA have partnered with ICOM to produce BG04: Boiler Water Treatment, guidance for shell boilers, coil boilers, steam generators & hot water boilers, and both organisations are proud to announce the launch of BG04 as part of the ongoing production of guidance in the Boiler Guidance (BG) series.

The guide has been written for the layperson who does not have 'O' level chemistry but who is responsible on site for boilers and boiler water treatment, either directly or subcontracting it to a third party.

About This Guide

This comprehensive guide deals with all aspects of water treatment for steam boilers, steam generators and hot water boilers. This document applies to industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler plant including steam generators, operating at a working pressure of between 0.5 and 60bar gauge (except where stated)  and a working temperature between 110oc and 400oc. We trust that by studying the contents and following the freely given advice your boiler plant will operate safely and more efficiently, and provide you with a trouble-free system.

Having considered who is responsible for looking after steam boilers, steam generators and hot water boilers and also who is responsible for managing the safe operation of this type of equipment, the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) and ICOM Energy Association agreed to write this guide, with the help of our respective Members.

It is aimed as a document that can be read and understood by boiler operators, engineers and personnel with limited or no knowledge of water treatment chemistry. It is also intended to help them understand what effect any water and its subsequent treatment will have on their boiler plant.

Please contact the Combustion Engineering Association for more information:  Tel: +44(0)1740625538  Email:  Web:

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